The MultiReload project's participation in the Danube Commission's Expert Group on Ports was a recent highlight of the project, offering a platform to unveil significant findings regarding containerized transport on the Danube, showcasing its untapped potential, challenges, and most importantly, opportunities. Despite the Danube's pivotal role in European waterway infrastructure, container transport along its stretch remains to a large extent underutilised.

The study brought to light a critical aspect of sustainable freight logistics, highlighting the immense opportunity for growth in Danube container transport. By examining the European Union countries situated along the Danube, the study revealed that even a modest 5% shift of their tonne-kilometers from road to inland waterways could yield a remarkable 47% increase in freight transport along the Danube.

This insight not only underscores the significance of the Danube as a key component of Europe's transport network but also signals a potential paradigm shift in freight logistics, with inland waterways poised to play a more prominent role in the region's transportation landscape. The findings presented at the expert group meeting pave the way for further exploration and development of strategies to capitalise on this untapped potential, driving sustainable and efficient freight transport practices along the Danube.