MultiRELOAD enhances the collaboration between different freight nodes in Europe to jointly test innovations and create favourable market conditions for multimodal freight transport solutions. To this end, MultiRELOAD will demonstrate solutions in three Innovation Areas with specific aims by 2025, mirroring the measures of the EU’s Smart Mobility Strategy, as follows:  

  1. Smart multimodal logistics: facilitate a shift from road to rail & IWT of 5%, 
  2. Digital and Automated Multimodal Nodes and Corridors: increase operational efficiency by 20 % raise of handling capacity,
  3. Innovative Business models: leading to an average cost reduction of freight transport by 10%. 

For a total of 36 months, the MultiRELOAD consortium comprising of ports, highly innovative technology, logistics and service providers, leading European research institutions and well-connected networks will cooperate intensely to facilitate significant modal shift to sustainable modes of transport, radical efficiency increase of supply chains and capacity-sharing (data, infrastructure, loading space, etc.) for all operators within the key Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T) Rhine-Alpine and Rhine-Danube Corridors” 

Key message (in short): 

European cooperation for the development of innovative inland port solutions for efficient, effective and sustainable multimodality.

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