MultiRELOAD is structured along three Innovation Areas with a total set of 7 demonstrators, that provide answers to the specific challenges of ports & terminals in their transition to effective and efficient multimodal freight transport operations. We would like to keep you updated on the progress of the demonstrators. We start with the A1, which aims to achieve a flexible, high-volume, fully automated multimodal transition from road to rail.

About CBoXX

With the CBoXX, a new developed rail solution by CargoBeamer, it is finally possible to combine the superior volume efficiency of a rail waggon with the flexibility of a container. By its easy handling, dedicated compartments, and full accessibility of every single loading unit at all times, the CBoXX is opening the path for highly efficient parcel transportation by rail and the Less than Truck Load / Container Load (LTL / LCL) markets. Due to the unique design of the CBoXX, there are little to no limitations in regard to the dimensions of the loading units and hence all types of euro pallets, IBC-containers, grid boxes or even customized units can be transported and individually accessed with maximized volume and payload efficiency of rail.

Being fully compatible with the innovative CargoBeamer transhipment technology, the CBoXX paves the road to the fully automated terminal and port handling, elevating the logistics sector onto a new level.

During the runtime of MultiRELOAD, a market uptake study will be conducted, to elaborate a solid business case for the CBoXX and to identify most favourable routes for CBoXX circulations.

Furthermore, a demonstration of a CBoXX commute between two CargoBeamer terminals will be conducted, transporting the goods from NOSTA.

The CBoXX enables a standardized service for the rail-based transport of LTL / LCL freight and parcel shipment, replacing the long-haul road freight, all while reducing the transport costs per unit and GHG emissions.


Progress until April 2023

In order to conduct the demonstration drive in summer 2025, the already built prototype has to be upgraded from TRL 6 to TRL 9 and authorized for rail. Therefore, a concept for the prototype improvement was elaborated, where the most important features and reconstruction tasks were identified.

Among others, the goal is to make the prototype more lightweight by re-designing the roof construction, to improve the side-wall / gate functionality and to make the CBoXX craneable with standard port cranes and reachstacker.

Right now, the different solutions for these points are in evaluation, preparing the planning phase of the project, where technical documents for the actual implementation will be composed.

In parallel the authorization process for the CBoXX with ERA is in preparation, by analysing the required workflow and consolidating necessary documents.

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