In the dynamic world of inland waterway transport and port development, the annual Danube Ports Days event, initiated by Pro Danube in the frame of DAPhNE and further strengthened through DIONYSUS, has become a cornerstone for fostering dialogue, sharing knowledge, and shaping the future of inland ports along the Danube and well beyond.

A Tradition of Excellence

Each edition of the event has become a well-established tradition - an occasion eagerly awaited by professionals, enthusiasts, and experts alike. The series of events focused on a range of themes, including infrastructure enhancement, technological innovation, sustainability, and regulatory frameworks.

Diverse Perspectives, Comprehensive Understanding

By bringing together a diverse array of perspectives, the Danube Ports Days foster a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of inland waterway transport in general with a special focus on port development issues.

Collaboration in Action

This year's hybrid event, a collaborative effort by Pro Danube, the EU-funded Green Inland Ports Study, MultiRELOAD, Innovation Action SYNERGETICS projects, and with support from the Danube Ports Network, was a resounding success. The two-day event, held on 23 and 24 November in Vienna, provided a unique platform for participants to explore innovative tools and solutions geared towards achieving green objectives, sharing experiences, addressing common challenges, and staying updated on the latest industry developments. With a specific focus on the European Green Deal, the Danube Ports Days aimed to facilitate collaboration between public and private entities, fostering know-how sharing and feedback collection in pursuit of the ambitious climate targets enshrined in the European Green Deal.

Missed the Event? No Problem

We're delighted to announce that the presentations and recordings from this groundbreaking event are available for download here. Dive into the wealth of insights and expertise shared at Danube Ports Days 2023 here. THANK YOU to all contributors, partners, and attendees for making Danube Ports Days a cornerstone in shaping the future of inland waterway transport!