We're thrilled to announce that the final agenda for the much-anticipated Danube Ports Days event is now available! This event promises to be a captivating exploration of the future dynamics of Danube Ports, and we invite you to be a part of this enriching experience.

With only 20 on-site spots left, we encourage you to seize this opportunity for in-person participation, enabling you to connect with experts, industry professionals, and fellow enthusiasts in a dynamic, face-to-face setting. For those seeking the flexibility of virtual engagement, the event will be accessible online as well, allowing you to participate in insightful discussions from anywhere around the globe.


Engage with experts and industry professionals. Find out more about the potential of Danube Ports and their pivotal role on the pathway towards sustainable mobility and clean energy. Explore key aspects of port development issues. Join transnational discussions on the IWT sector with a special focus on port development issues. Meet interesting projects that put ports at the forefront of innovation: PLOTO, SEANERGY and ReNEW!

Initiated by DAPhNE and continued by DIONYSUS, the Danube Ports Days have established themselves as a must-attend event in the IWT community. This year's event is organised by Pro Danube in cooperation with the Green Inland Ports, MultiRELOAD, and SYNERGETICS projects, with the valued support of the Danube Ports Network. The agenda is available for download here.