MultiRELOAD unites a consortium of ports, cutting-edge technology, logistics and service providers, leading European research institutions, and well-connected networks. Their mission? To drive a profound modal shift towards sustainable transport, achieve a radical enhancement in supply chain efficiency, and promote capacity-sharing in critical Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T) corridors, specifically the Rhine-Alpine and Rhine-Danube Corridors.

duisport - Duisburger Hafen AG, with its international connectivity and reputation as a digital innovation trendsetter in global logistic supply chains, takes center stage in the MultiRELOAD project. Collaborating with Hafen Wien GmbH and Schweizerische Rheinhäfen - Port of Switzerland, they're leading the way in transforming inland ports into carbon-neutral hubs. This transformation involves rigorous testing, demonstration, evaluation, and rollout of highly innovative multimodal freight solutions across seven distinct demonstrations, each falling under the three thematic innovation areas mentioned above.

The MultiRELOAD project calls for the establishment, implementation, and evaluation of demonstrators by regional consortia. These groups consist of port authorities, operators, technology and service providers, and research organisations. The result? A significant boost in flexibility, service visibility, and an impressive average cost reduction of freight transport by approximately 10%.

MultiRELOAD's solutions will progress towards solid business plans and models, setting the stage for widespread adoption, and thereby enhancing the overall market maturity. The project leverages the expertise of two established business incubators, startport GmbH in Duisburg and thinkport VIENNA - smart urban logistics, to nurture new services and startups focused on intelligent multimodal solutions.

But the innovation doesn't stop there! MultiRELOAD actively involves a wide array of end customers, including logistics service providers, freight forwarders, and cargo owners, through the MultiRELOAD User Forum. Their involvement ensures that these groundbreaking solutions are market-ready and meet the needs of the logistics industry. Join us at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) and find out more about the achievements of this groundbreaking project!