The MultiRELOAD project showcased its innovations at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2024 held in Dublin, Ireland. With over 4,000 visitors from 50 countries, TRA 2024 provided an exceptional opportunity for the MultiRELOAD team to engage in discussions and build partnerships.

Demonstrating Achievements and Finding Synergies

The MultiRELOAD project had a stand in the ALICE Logistic Innovation Village, where the project partners engaged in exchanges with TRA participants and various projects and initiatives. One of the highlights was the constructive dialogue with the sister project FOR-FREIGHT, which explored avenues for future collaboration. Interactions at the stand were not only about strengthening existing relationships, but also about exploring new technological and business model innovations that could have an impact on the industry. Moreover, the stand became a hub for meetings with project partners, facilitating a deeper understanding and commitment towards common goals.

Presenting the preliminary results at the Special Session 6.6 "Ports and Airports for a Green Transition of Mobility & Logistics"

Jan-Christoph Maass of duisport-Duisburger Hafen AG, coordinator of the MultiRELOAD project, took an active role as a speaker at the Special Session 6.6 entitled "Ports and Airports for a Green Transition of Mobility & Logistics". This session focused on the crucial role of transportation nodes such as ports and airports in the green and digital transition of mobility and logistics sectors.

The session delved into strategies to promote multimodality and achieve sustainable transport through innovative solutions. The discussion emphasised the need for rapid deployment of mature technologies and highlighted the best practices being developed across Europe.

As the project moves forward, the insights and relationships fostered at TRA 2024 will play an important role in shaping its strategies. The commitment to digital innovation and sustainable practices seen at the conference aligns perfectly with MultiRELOAD's objectives and provides a solid foundation for future initiatives.

TRA 2024 was an important event for the MultiRELOAD project, reinforcing its position at the forefront of transport innovation. Through active participation and strategic networking, the project not only shared its vision but also enriched its collaborative relationships.

The MultiRELOAD team would like to thank the organisers of TRA 2024 for providing such a well-structured and inspiring platform, enabling meaningful exchanges and fostering partnerships that drive the industry forward. We also thank all participants and fellow exhibitors for their engaging discussions and for sharing their insights. It is through such collaborative efforts that we can collectively advance towards more sustainable and efficient mobility solutions.